Teradata Engineer

Company Name:
Must have working experience with the entire technology stack of Teradata appliance (Teradata 13.10, Viewpoint, SWS, TVI, BAR, SLES)
Must have working knowledge of Protegrity (Database encryption software) and Oracle Key Manager (used for encrypting tape backups)
Implemented PDCR (PMCP) and can support it
Designed and implemented a production Change Control policy and procedures.
Install all the client Teradata tools and have extensive experience with TTU 13.10 client tools including Teradata Manager, SQL Assistant (Queryman), Teradata Administrator (WinDDI)
Configure Viewpoint; develop portlets, reports, logging, alerting, etc.
Extensive BAR experience, setting up and maintaining production archive strategies. Have used NetBackup and am familiar with the GUI interface. Extensive experience, porting tables from one Teradata server to another.
Extensive experience working with Teradata incidents through Teradata @ Your Service and the Global Support Center (GSC). Know how to use TSET to send the GSC information they need to analyze problems and create the problem on their in house Teradata system for analysis and code debugging.
Extensive experience monitoring and maintaining a production Teradata environment. Familiar with logging onto the Teradata nodes, running tools from the Supervisor screen such as PackDisk, CheckTable, ScanDisk, and other diagnostic tools such as VProcManager, setting GDO parameters and other tools available on the Supervisor screen.
Teradata database design and Teradata SQL experience. Expertise in Teradata load utilities like Mload and OleLoad, Teradata Parallel Transport utility (TPT) coding, maintain and develop Unix scripts and BTEQ scripts
Expert in planning and execution of hardware/software upgrades and expansion, extensive shell scripting, system tuning and troubleshooting on UNIX, knowledge of database recovery and restart procedures, database monitoring and skilled with periodic performance tuning.
In-depth knowledge of Teradata Explain and Visual Explain to analyze and improve query performance, expert level knowledge of complex SQL using Teradata functions, UDFs, macros and stored procedures, expertise in Data Warehouse Metadata concepts, tools and repositories.
Broad knowledge of diverse data administration methodologies, and tools, knowledge of runtime optimization, capacity management and planning, security, configuration, scheduling, and execution of maintenance utilities, implemented multi-value compression.
Experience using Teradata TMON to monitor and manage Teradata RDBMS resource utilization (TASM), and have created alert policies for monitoring database space, average disk use, TASM priority scheduler.
Extensive TPUMP V13: Teradata: TTU V. 13.10 Release Teradata Parallel Transporter for near real time and eliminates batch window.
Establishing and managing end user security procedures, Rolls and Authorization.
Teradata Tools and Utilities
Design, creating and tuning physical database objects (tables, views, indexes) to support normalized and dimensional models. Maintain the referential integrity of the database.
Provided ongoing support of the environment by developing processes and executing object migrations, security and access privilege setup, and performance monitoring.
Position Description:
leadership in working sessions for system design.
2. Clearly articulate requirements for data design.
3. Define or assist with best practices during the program.
4. Plan, design and recommend solutions and design alternatives.
5. Provide advice to cross program leads on optimizing the efforts.
6. Develop proven practices and develop standards, including those around change control, security design, data considerations, best practices, reporting/query/analytical best practices, etc.
Required Skills
Teradata Engineer
Required Skills:
Teradata 13.10 database, tools & utilities
Viewpoint, SWS, TVI, Tomcat, SLESBAR, Netbackup, Working with Teradata GSC, Working in a global/matrixed environment, Technical engineering and design for data warehouse, Restoring databases, DB objects and Good documentation skills
Job Title: Teradata Engineer
Job Code: 2746_Teradata_NJ
Preferred Skills: Data Integration, Protegrity, Data Warehouse, Teradata 13.10, Teradata BAR, Teradata GSC, Teradata SLESBAR, Teradata SQL, Teradata SWS, Teradata TDQM, Teradata TPUMP V13, Teradata TVI, Teradata Viewpoint, ERP, Oracle Key Manager, Operating Systems, UNIX, Software, NetBackup, Web Programming, Apache Tomcat
Domain: IT Services
Location: Raritan, New Jersey, US
Pay rate: DOE
Duration: 11 Month(s)
Experience: 7 - > 25 years
Recruiter: Parimal Bhatter
Email-ID: parimal. ;

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